Epicutis Cleansing Essentials Set


    The Cleansing Essentials Set provides you with both our Oil Cleanser and Enzyme Exfoliating Powder to forever change how you cleanse your skin. Unlike other oil-based cleansers, our Oil Cleanser uses...

    Epicutis Luxury Skincare Set


    The Luxury Skincare Set combines our two powerful steps - Treat and Hydrate - providing you with the Lipid Serum and Hyvia Crème. Both products are formulated with novel patented...

    Epicutis Lipid Recover Mask


    An ultra-concentrated version of our Lipid Serum delivered through a bio-cellulose mask, this deeply healing treatment instantly calms and soothes our skin in as little as 10–15 minutes. Pre-Treatment Protocol:...

    Epicutis Post Procedure Set


    A new set made for post-procedure recovery, complete with our Oil Cleanser, Lipid Serum, Hyvia Crème, and Lipid Recovery Mask. It also makes the perfect travel companion.

    Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment


    Upgrade your daily routine with our new and unique body gel, to provide the rest of your body with unparalleled hydration paired with firming and tightening benefits. Hyvia® instantly hydrates...

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